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The Incorporation

The Firm was founded in London, in February 2015, by members of the Leonetti & Matarazzo families with recorded, uninterrupted, trading histories dating back to 1721 and 1881, and by oil & gas specialists including the ex CEO of Baker Hughes (oil & gas services) and a Partner Jones Day (top 3 law firms in the world), all with many years of experience operating in the oil and gas industry. Our shareholders are united to capitalise on their complementary, business skills, performances and tradition.

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The Tradition

While L&M is a small and recently incorporated trading house, it inherits one of the world’s oldest and most reliable independent trading practices and traditions and this inheritance directly benefits L&M’s clients with tangible advantages. The 2 families, Leonetti & Matarazzo, consolidated their financial, commercial, industrial and social heritage when Giuseppe, son of count Tommaso Leonetti, married Anna, daughter of count Ermelino Matarazzo. Their son, Tommaso Leonetti di Santojanni, is the 8th generation Trader and probably represents the oldest, uninterrupted, trading practice in the world. He is a Shareholder and President of Leonetti & Matarazzo Limited. Anna Matarazzo di Licosa, is also a shareholder and Principal of the Firm and Ermelino Matarazzo di Licosa III, is a shareholder and Senior Counsellor.