Leonetti & Matarazzo

Our Executives & Officers

Anna Leonetti Matarazzo

Heir to one of the oldest trading practices in the world and shareholder of the Matarazzo Industries, Anna’s innate vocation emerged from early age as she exported her Family’s products and commodities from Brazil to Italy and then internationally. Anna eventually joined as shareholder and Managing Director of Europe’s largest Coca-Cola bottling plant, Snibeg, while also incessantly devoting her energies to renew and promote her city’s political, social, artistic and industrial fibre with numerous selfless activities that culminated with her involvement in the Leonetti Award for Meritorious Individuals who enriched the city of Naples, under the official High Appointment of the President of the Republic of Italy.

Tommaso Leonetti di Santojanni

Co-founder of Leonetti & Matarazzo Limited he sets out the firm’s strategies and coalesces over 8 generations of successful traders’ networks to generate opportunities and to manage the required financial leverage. He plans all trades with ingenuity, sourcing and then committing to projects but when challenging situations arise he provides the impromptu, out of the box, solutions to attain objectives successfully. Tommaso has held equities and managed businesses which he either developed from start or acquired and resold after restructuring them: precision mechanical instruments, services & products distribution, commodities trading, and consumer soft drink Industries (Coca-Cola Bottler in Naples). Presently he is a shareholder in commercial trading, distribution and real estatedevelopment ventures, besides L&M.

Ermelino Matarazzo di Licosa III

Ermelino’s primary focus is in real estate, both in Italy and in Brazil but he also holds equities in Blu, a marketing and business strategies firm, TCF, a microchip and magnetic payment systems, Asili Matarazzo, a pre-school children education franchise and the Bio Oliveto Matarazzo, where oil and other agricultural produce are organically grown and farmed. Presently a shareholder and a Counsellor to the Firm.

Myles Mantle

Myles is co-founder of Leonetti & Matarazzo and is responsible for the operations as well as legal and compliance matters for the company. He is used to carrying out very large challenging transactions in numerous different jurisdictions around the world, often to punishing deadlines. He is a qualified lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, having advised on many different projects and transactions during this time, from trade and trade finance, to major oil and gas infrastructure and M&A transactions including both onshore and offshore assets with some of them running into several billions of dollars. He strongly believes that L&M’s success will be measured by the number of times L&M carries out repeat deals with the same principals.

Francesco Figliuzzi

Francesco’s background, after graduating in Business & Management and receiving an LL.M in Banking Disciplines, is impressive and verifiable with an extensive track record in strategic corporate advisory. He focuses on the financial aspects of international taxation of business transactions and Francesco excelled in notable JVs, M&As and project financing undertakings, including celebrated and strategic electricity privatizations in Italy and upstream Oil & Gas development projects internationally where his long-standing experience in the Energy Industry was a paramount element for the achievement of his client’s goals that eventually won him the strong reputation that he enjoys today amongst the key players of the Italian economic panorama.

Pietro Varone

Pietro’s impressive experiences and skills focus in the Oil and Gas services industry but span half of the world with an in-depth knowledge of the European, North and West African, Middle and Far Eastern markets. Pietro reported directly to, and then was part of, the Board of Directors of multinational companies always working on the talent empowerment to bring value to the company. Under Pietro’s Leadership, SAIPEM Nigeria grew from 4 to 4.5 billion USD and SAIPEM SA, (former BOUIYGUES OFFSHORE) from 12 to 20 billion USD. As SAIPEM COO Pietro brought to life and completed one of the biggest and most successful merger in the oil & gas industry (SAIPEM buy out SNAM PROGETTI). Recently Pietro founded new companies with successful alliances and contracts in the Gulf area.

Gianfranco De Paoli

Gianfranco’s engineering background starts in polymers (1973) and rapidly advanced as CEO of the Milan Trade Center Association (1980). He then proceeded to hold CEO position of technically innovative and successful Medical companies as SPA Pharma Antibiotics (CEO, 1985), Sulzer-Italpro (CEO, 2000); Cam Diagnostic (CEO), Galeazzi Medical Group (CEO, 2013); Symbios (CEO, 2015). In these 35 years of achievements he gained comprehensive understanding of the Industry itself and innate intuition for emerging technologies. These 2 talents are supported by his unparalleled network at executive level of the paramount players in this industry.

Ali Abbaszadeh

Ali's background is in electronic engineering and was only fate that led him to oil & gas 14 years ago. He became the representative for IES Refinery and coordinated the purchase of crude oil and other derivative products from the State Oil Company of his country until 2007 when he joined Interoil E&P ASA and Sonangol P&P Middle East as business developer until 2013. He then decided to put his experience and network to fruit by venturing independently and creating Arya Offshore Oil Equipment Co a that offers services to infrastructure upstream and downstream.

Ahmed Aden

Ahmed’s background is in financial project management of technical & functional international projects audits. Ahmed managed a number of major Projects both as Director and as Senior Consultant for diverse domains including retail, telecommunications and Oil & Gas in Africa and in the Middle East where he then based himself working with all major Oil & Gas companies of the region and where half of the world’s crude and refined products are produced and traded. He built an extensive knowledge in the supply and logistics towards Africa when the region’s industrial revolution begun triggering increasing energy demands. His track record shows almost 2 decades of solid performance in consolidating contracts.

Anshul Gupta

Anshul has been active in the international physical commodities markets since 2016, working in areas such as crude oil, gas, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, coal, and agricultural products & foodstuffs. He has primarily been engaged in sourcing supplies from the Middle East and Africa for buyers in both the private and public sectors on the Indian subcontinent and in the Far East. He leverages a robust base of contacts and networks that he has proactively acquired over the years, in addition to the extensive connections influenced by his family and ancestral ties, which are spread across the globe. He also brings experience in infrastructure projects, whether as an EPC or through financing, in the fields of renewable and conventional energy, transport, digital and IT communications, and private equity real estate, both residential and commercial.

David Armani

David is a strategy specialist who leverages his skills to further multinational organisations’ interests, across different industries, attaining challenging objectives through efficient and solution-oriented strategies and through a vast and valuable professional network of key players and decision makers. Senior VP, innovative renewable energy group created in conjunction with Oxford University, he fostered a UKTI mission with Asia Development Bank generating an orders portfolio worth £8Billion. David pursues humanitarian programmes in developing nations with renown high profile personalities.

Sergio Jandolo

After graduating in Business and Administration at the Catholic University of Milan, Sergio developed 20 years’experience and skills within finance, tax & accounting, M&A and business consultancy areas in Europe, North Africa, USA, South of America, Far East and China. He held the role of CFO for ENI related companies as Edison and Impregilo with corporate governance responsibility. His international experience within the Oil & Gas industry involved him with Texaco, Chevron, BP, CNPC, NIOC, NOC, EGPC, EGAS, Petronas, Petrobras and the South Nevada Water Authority. Sergio further developed deep experience as Senior Consultant with Barabino & Partners for financial communication in support of IPO and M&A. He is presently Managing Partner of LM&K Partners and founder of Rexthon & Partners.

Jawad Salehi

Jawad received B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering (University of California, Irvine) and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering (University of Southern California Los Angeles). He is recognized as the father of the Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOC) for fibre-optic communications. His research broke grounds in the Femtosecond or Ultra-Short Light Pulse and Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifiers (EDFAs) and he is a major contributor to the OCDMA concept. In 1984 he joined Bell Communications Research – Bellcore (now Telcordia) and in February 1990 he became Research Scientist Associate Professor at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, conducting research in the Laboratory of Information and Decision Systems. In 1997 he became Professor, Sharif University of Technology, Head of 2 departments: Electrical Engineering and Mobile Communications Systems. He also was appointed to direct the Advanced Wideband Code Division Multiple Access Laboratory at the Telecom Research Center (TRC). In 2003 Jawad founded the Optical Networks Research Laboratory (ONRL) for advanced theoretical and experimental research in Fibre-Optic Communication. He is also a Cofounder of Advanced Communications Research Institute (ACRI).

Ugo Marenghi

Ugo’s background is in construction and development and he is currently CEO to Ata International where he leverages over 35 years’ experience and value to deliver consistent and tangible benefits to clients. His recent involvement with the Omani embassy gave him access to the oil & gas industry where he has nurtured and developed a valuable network of key players and decision makers, both in Europe and USA.

Yulia Nafieva

Yulia is a young graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit from Kazan State University and a Master's degree in Finance and Management from the university of Exeter. Yulia's ability to adapt, improvise with ingenuity, enthusiasm and strong interest in the Oil and Gas industry are an asset that allows her to successfully engage challenging endeavours in support of the Firm's goals.

Giovanna Burgarella

Giovanna begun from a strong accounting background and quickly moved onto real estate management which, in turn, gave her access to large family estates. She rapidly gained the trust and respect of industrial magnates who asked her to administer their personal patrimonies. In 2010 she incorporated the Burgarella Management and Administration Firm where she leverages her characteristic professional ingenuity and personal resourcefulness to conceive, develop and implement efficient and ingenuous administrative and fiscal solutions to further the interests of her clients.