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Middle Distillates

Middle distillates are hydrocarbure that includes few carbon atoms in their molecules (approximately 11 to 18).

In the term middle distillates, we include refined products situated between lighter fractions, such as LPG or gasoline and heavier products such as residual fuel oils. We consider middle distillates kerosene (jet fuel), gas oil diesel and heating oils, most marine bunker fuels.

They are called "middle distillates" as they are condensed in the middle of the fractional distillation tank during the crude oil refining process (see below).


What's not a middle distillates? Middle distillates are differentiated from:

  • the lighter distillates such as naphtha and gasoline, petroleum gases such as methane, ethane, propane and butane.
  • the heavier distillates such as lubricating oil, residual fuel oil and solids such as greases and wax, bitumen and coke.