Leonetti & Matarazzo

Our Company

Leonetti & Matarazzo is an independent trading house with 4 core expertise and know-how:

1. Sourcing commodities for the Energy Industry to either trade them directly or broker them to individual principals,
2. Accessing logistics and global resources to move those same commodities for its clients where they’re needed when they’re needed,
3. Deploying project specific advisory assets where the Industry most requires them: on site, and
4. Offer liquid asset investments opportunities and management through trade financing that typically carries high net yields and low risks.

L&M can access upstream resources at more convenient rates reducing transaction costs and accelerating the operational clearance. These advantages cement bridges between principals who want to continuously revert to L&M for repeat business. These shareholders capitalize on their verifiable track record and experience, specializing in the Energy & derivate industry and specifically:

  • Commodities trading and brokering
  • Logistics to move the commodities on time and efficiently
  • Advisory services for the Industry’s infrastructure
  • Trade Financing investment advisory

Our Mission

We pledge to evaluate and comprehend the specific particulars of every transaction in each of the areas of business that we operate in, and then to engineer a creative and most profitable solution in order to further the business objectives of our business partners, while delivering value to our shareholders.

Our Vision

We only engage likeminded business partners, being those whom we individually meet and substantiate, and who share our ethics and values. Personal relations are priceless and have proven their worth empowering L&M to build trust. Without trust trade procedures become demanding and this, in turn, often causes transactions to fail.

Our Firm

Leonetti & Matarazzo Limited is a UK registered and based, independent trading house. We are active in trading oil & gas and other commodities and we provision logistics and advisory services in the oil & gas, trade finance, medical, renewable energies and innovative technologies sectors.

Our Competitive Advantage

L&M accesses upstream resources at more attractive and convenient rates with more agile procedures than institutional traders reducing transaction costs and times while retaining absolute compliance and safety. These are tangible and concrete competitive advantages that translate into profit for our business partners.