Leonetti & Matarazzo

Our Advisory Division

Areas of Expertise

  • Project planning
  • Construction development planning
  • Evaluation and analysis of existing assets
  • Upgrade or refitting
  • Contractor sourcing and selection
  • Procurement
  • Onsite management, maintenance and training

Our 3 Phases Advisory Process

  • 1.

    Assumes and adapts to its client’s challenging circumstances.

  • 2.

    Analyses and understands the relevant business environment.

  • 3.

    Employs the ingenuity and experience to develop the best strategy and action to deliver the appropriate solution to reach the objective.

L&M advisory division operate in 3 main areas

Oil & gas:

The Firm delivers excellence through timely, accurate and efficient upstream, midstream and downstream advisory and consulting services; these help foster and complete complex and large infrastructure and management projects in the oil & gas industry. Our advisory desks are coordinated by officers which skills and talents were honed through years of experience as senior executive officers of the world’s largest oil & gas services firms as Baker Hughes and Saipem

Ancillary Sectors:

Unique opportunities and world excellence in the renewable energies, the medical & pharmaceutical and the innovative technologies fields.a.Renewable energies b.Medical and pharmaceutical c.Innovative technologies

Trade Finance:

L&M trade finance advisory and consulting offers characteristic low risk and high yields.